La Sarthe fixed head coupe basic specification

For more information on bespoke options, please see "Bespoke La Sarthe" page.


All aluminium two door fast back coupe.
Cowled front with inset stoneguard.
Rearward opening bonnet with two full louvre panels. (Louvres can be omitted if required).
Twin "Le Mans" type 125mm fuel filler caps mounted on rear quarters (Can be changed for hidden fuel fillers).
Original wheels with original pattern (new) wheel trims.


Standard configuration Bentley R-Type Chassis with revised and uprated springs. **See bottom of page**
Manual or automatic gearbox.
Modified steering column rake angle.
Original engine totally rebuilt, six branch exhaust manifold and high efficiency exhaust system with twin tailpipes.
Manual gearbox rebuilt to final factory specification.
Lightweight aluminium fuel tank.
Special aluminium high efficiency radiator.
Spin off full flow oil filter with oil cooler.
Fully operational Bijur chassis lubrication system.


New wiring loom to our own specification, with independent fusing and relay control of all systems.
Alternator charging system.
Electronic ignition.
Electric windows.
Heated rear window.
Electronic instruments including Speedo, Rev counter (red lined as per Continental spec at 4,300 RPM), oil pressure gauge, oil temperature gauge, water temperature gauge, fuel gauge (with electronic tank unit), volt meter, clock, (all instruments to Bentley pattern with black faces, white figures and printed with the Bentley "B").
Electric cooling fan with manual override.
Two speed self park wipers.
Twin Lucas windtone horns.

Trim and interior

Specially designed sports seats with backrest adjustment.
Customer specified leather upholstery to seats, door and rear quarter panels.
Customer specified veneer (wood/aluminium) to dash face and door applique. Dash design can be completely tailored to customer requirements.
Customer specified carpet and headlining.


Range of engine performance options, please ask.
Axle rebuilt with “Continental” 3.07:1 differential.
Customer specified tyres.
Hydraulic braking system with vacuum servo, drum or disc brakes.
Power steering (E-Z electric system).
Modified (rose jointed) and uprated front anti roll bar.
Additional rear anti roll bar.
Alloy wheels.
Wire wheels with knock-off hubcaps.
Bumpers and/or rear parking sensors.
Spats to rear wheel arches (with steel/alloy wheels only).
Hidden fuel fillers.
Suitcase set, trimmed in leather and embossed with "La Sarthe" logo attached by leather straps to raised luggage floor behind seats.
Alternative to above rear seat to provide two plus two seating arrangement.
Air conditioning with electric motor driven compressor, with three speed heater blower motor.
Central locking.
Heated seats.
Bespoke front grille options.

**Bentley MkVI or Rolls Royce Silver Dawn chassis can also be used. (If a Rolls Royce Silver Dawn donor chassis is used, car will be a Rolls Royce and badged as such). Rolls Royce Silver Dawn could be an easier to obtain alternative if a left hand drive La Sarthe is required. **

La Sarthe with optional spats, bumpers, wire wheels, fitted with white wall tyres and front driving lights.