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Specialist Axle and Manual Gearbox repairs and rebuilding.

Derby Bentley and Rolls Royce, axles and manual gearboxes
Crewe live axle cars, axle and manual gearboxes
Bentley Mk6 ( VI ) & R-Type
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Rolls Royce Silver Dawn & Dawn II
Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud I / II / III

During and after production, the axles and manual gearboxes on the Crewe built live axle cars were extensively modified by Rolls-Royce via service bulletins.
To ensure the optimum operation and to reduce the risk of failure, it is essential these units are upgraded to the latest specifications.

The Rolls-Royce axle is not a straight forward unit to work on and a high degree of knowledge of the subject is necessary to effect a correct rebuild or repair. A range of specialist tools is also essential to dismantle units without damage and to accurately set up differentials to the fine tolerances required. Fitting of modern type seals and later type bearings to both differentials and hubs, far more robust than the originals, guarantees a sound and long lasting repair.

At Bensport we are one of very few companies equipped to do the work required on these complicated components. We can also fit upgrade modifications such as high axle ratio gears.

As well as our work providing major parts suppliers with reconditioned parts and building high ratio axles for La Sarthe, we also offer these services to our customers.

We think car originality is important and it is best to keep original components with their correct chassis. Where possible we advise work is carried out not on an exchange basis, but on the original component to be fitted back into its original car.

Specialist Engine rebuilding.

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