Bensport La Sarthe

Not a replica     Not a recreation     Not a look alike

A beautiful new body design - a true sports Grand Tourer where none existed before.

Bensport La Sarthe fastback coupé - a modern day coachbuilt R-Type manufactured to customer bespoke specification.

Limited to 24 examples.

Lightweight Performance

The hand-built all-aluminium body sits on an original and fully restored 1950s Bentley chassis. The lightened bodywork, some 300 lbs lighter than an original R-Type Continental Fastback, coupled with Bensport’s engine and exhaust developments ensure that the motorcar goes as well as it looks. Effortless high speed continental cruising is easily achieved.

Handling also benefits significantly from detailed chassis modification, the overall reduction in weight and the smooth power delivery of the Bentley 4 ½ litre engine.

Uprated suspension, brakes and cooling systems also improve navigation in modern urban traffic. Bensport’s extensive real world development programme has included fast continental touring with both summer and winter testing.

It is generally accepted that the Bentley R-Type Continental from the 1950s, was the finest product that Rolls Royce / Bentley Motors built in the post war era. It is also well known that two pre-war "Derby" Bentley cars, the ex-Eddie Hall TT car and the "Embiricos" Paulin designed coupé, raced at the 24 Hour Le Mans post war. Both of these cars, considering their age and design, returned creditable performances.

We always asked the question "what if" Bentley Motors had built a lightweight coupé body on a specially prepared MkVI chassis and the car had been entered for Le Mans? It was this question which led us to design and build La Sarthe.

We noted carefully the best attributes of the Mulliner Continental sports saloon and created a beautiful fixed head sports coupé; a true Grand Tourer, which could have raced at Le Mans.

Of course if you would like us to build you a car of your design ,from initial concept, to completed car, we at Bensport have the ability to turn your dream into reality.

We have full in house CAD capabilities, the first step in creating your dream car and a drivable machine. Working closely with our experienced car designer, whose entire career has been forged in the main stream motor industry, will enable you to fine tune your concept prior to tooling up before manufacture of Body-in-White. This is the vitally important element, which needs to be accomplished with great care and minute attention to detail, before moving to the build stage.

To build a replica is not a simple task. It is however nowhere near as complex as creating a new body design. The only way to be certain that a concept can be fully developed into a working car is to entrust the work to those who have already successfully accomplished the transition.