Bespoke Design Facility

Bensport customers are encouraged to involve themselves not just in the mechanical specification of La Sarthe, but also in many more of the design features. By example the front grille, seats and dashboard may be specified or actually designed to personal preference.

The finest hand crafted materials are a given of course, but the interior of the car is an entirely clean sheet of paper for the customer and in-house design team. Naturally the latest technology and connectivity requirements can also be discretely accommodated.

lasarthe drawing 1

Enhancements not available to 1950s Bentley customers can also be developed and integrated such as braking improvements, larger carburettors or indeed fuel injection.

Bensport’s in-house capabilities ensure that a very wide range of customer preferences or requests can be engineered or developed for La Sarthe.

Of course if you would like us to build you a car of your design ,from initial concept, to completed car, we at Bensport have the ability to turn your dream into reality.

We have full in house CAD capabilities, the first step in creating your dream car and a drivable machine. Working closely with our experienced car designer, whose entire career has been forged in the main stream motor industry, will enable you to fine tune your concept prior to tooling up before manufacture of Body-in-White. This is the vitally important element, which needs to be accomplished with great care and minute attention to detail, before moving to the build stage.

To build a replica is not a simple task. It is however nowhere near as complex as creating a new body design. The only way to be certain that a concept can be fully developed into a working car is to entrust the work to those who have already successfully accomplished the transition.